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What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Welding?

Welding is used across the globe in some way in nearly every industry you can imagine. It’s used in industrial settings, open air environments, underwater and even in outer space. Welding is used on almost every scale by handymen and structural engineers. And because there are so many uses for welding, there are also many […]

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The Process of Metalworking

Not all of us are familiar with the process of metalworking. Some people may have heard it a couple of times from random people or may have read about it online or in books, but they are not aware of what exactly it is and what role it plays in our lives. Metalworking is a […]

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Basics Of Soldering Precious Metals

Before soldering there are three factors which must be considered. The design must lend itself to soldering, parts to be soldered must fit closely and accurately and the correct solder and flux must be used. Solders are typically classified according to their melting points – easy, medium and hard. This therefore refers to the ease […]

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Welding Training – Welding Basics For Beginners

Welding has been around for centuries and so has welding training, though not in the forms most commonly used today. One of the first welding processes ever used was known as forge welding. Forge welding attempts to join two metals through a process of heating, and then pounding and striking. It’s what blacksmiths did. But […]

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