Wooden Furniture Plans – How to Find Them

The days of ‘labor’ being un-cool are over. Now, a lot of people are contemplating acquiring a miter saw, a hand saw and power drills and doing home improvement work themselves.

Of course, for every woodworking project, good wooden furniture plans are mandatory, even for the woodworker with advanced skills. Woodwork furniture plans will let you keep track of things and therefore, help you save time and resources. Here are 4 sources of good wooden furniture plans

Local DIY Stores

Your local DIY stores sell quality plans and patterns, with some in the fully traceable variety. The only problem with this source is that unlike online sources, the choices are limited. This is ideal if you are raring to start your woodworking project, in which case, you can just take a drive to the nearest store.

Online Stores

There are online stores and niche vendor sites that offer wooden furniture plans in individual packages. You’ll be able to check out feedback, to help ensure a good purchase, and check out a myriad of woodworking plans. This is good for those who are looking to start a woodworking hobby. There are some good plans out there than even come with fully traceable patterns that can really help you with the making the finished project look good.

Compilations of Woodworking Plans

Some master woodworkers compiled a list of their diagrams and wooden furniture plans. Purchasing this (usually a CD DVD) would give you access to thousands of plans you can work on, from patio furniture to gun cabinets and dining tables. There are also woodworking sites where you can have access to a woodworking plan database if you register for membership. Membership is sometimes free, with an option to upgrade to premium membership features.

Free Sources

There are some very good free wooden furniture plans out there, especially those created by a master woodworker, a means to promote a compilation of equally good plans. It is true that there is a whole lot of sub-par plans out there but if you can afford to spend some time looking, you’re bound to bump into one. Use search engines, and check out niche community forums, as well as video sharing sites for how-to clips as well.

Woodworking gives a certain amount of pride to whoever gets a project finished. It is perfectly acceptable to show off your newest chest, cabinet, spice rack, or Adirondack chair to the wife’s brother. Get good wooden furniture plans to help you finish a project you can be really proud of.

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